Deciding On a Unique Delivery To WOW The Audience 

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As you may have already discovered, there are other companies in your field that provide the same basic offer as you. Now it’s time to set yourself apart, in deciding on a unique delivery.

You do this by uniquely providing that advantage, and it’s how you separate your business from the competition.

Remember, people buy on emotion and justify with logic. You’ll benefit from both of these aspects through your distinctive approach. A unique delivery method gives your prospects confidence that your solution will succeed (whereas others have previously failed them). Your excellent offer will appeal to the logical side of the brain since it becomes a reasonable explanation for choosing your product.

Now, in certain cases, your main promise and unique approach may be linked to your hidden benefit.

Let’s go back to the P90X weight-loss plan.

The major claim is weight reduction, and the novel method is through an intensive workout that “confuses” the muscles. The secondary benefit is that the exercises are enjoyable and invigorating, ensuring that individuals continue performing them.

So, the secret advantage is based on the method of delivery.

Is this to say that the unique way in which you deliver your services is going to be linked to your hidden advantage? Perhaps, perhaps not. If you can connect them, your message will become even more powerful.

So, let’s look at three distinct strategies for ensuring that your primary promise is fulfilled uniquely…

Marketing Message #1: Offering an Actual Unique Delivery Method 

This is the holy grail of unique distribution methods. That’s because, in this case, you’re providing something no one else does. It might be a completely new product or service with no prior incarnation, or it may be a new feature on an existing product or service.

You could be the first in your field to offer a new type of product, or you might have discovered a way to get results that are significantly better than anyone else in your industry.

Let’s look at another example, this one from earlier in the report. Modobag, for example, provides a fun traveling experience that is distinctive from the norm. They do it with a very distinct approach: motorized luggage that you can ride through the airport.

missing piece

Chances are you’re not providing anything that hasn’t previously been seen in your market. That’s all right because there are two more methods for creating a distinct delivery method.

Here’s the next one… 

Marketing Message #2: Touting a Method That’s Unique to Your Prospects 

In this situation, your rivals might be using the same delivery method as you, but no one is talking about it. So while the approach isn’t unique to your sector, it IS particular and unknown to your potential customers.

Consider the case of Folger’s Coffee, which says that the best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup. Their method of delivering on this promise of delicious coffee is because their coffee is sourced from the mountains.

But here’s the catch…

Coffee is grown almost exclusively in the mountains. Many of Folger’s rivals also produce coffee that has been grown in the mountains. But no one ever mentioned it in their advertising, so while mountain-grown coffee isn’t uncommon in the sector overall, it was at the time of the original campaign. The average coffee drinker was not concerned about the origin of their coffee.

It’s critical to exercise caution when using this technique.

That’s because everyone else in your industry is using it, therefore you need to be extremely confident that you’re the first to make such a statement. Otherwise, your marketing message will not be bold or appealing. Instead, it will appear as a cowardly copycat message.

And now, the most effective way to come up with an individual approach is to keep your first promise…

Marketing Message #3: Turning the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary 

In this case, your competitors are very likely to be providing the same or comparable services as you. They’ve almost certainly mentioned it in their marketing. But what you can do is give the delivery technique a different name.

Let’s return once again to the P90X scenario, where the company introduced the term “muscle confusion.”

The rivals were providing comparable delivery methods to get the same outcomes. Some of them were talking about it (for example, using phrases like “eliminating adaptation”). So P90X came up with a new name for the process – muscle confusion – which turned what was good into something fantastic.

Here’s another scenario:, an online dating service.

It is similar to other dating sites in that it promises to help people find their “matches” (soulmates). But what set this singles site apart from the competition was its “scientifically proven matching method” for assisting individuals in finding love.

There’s a lot of science when it comes to love: that was unique, and it’s quite possible eHarmony grew into one of the most popular online dating services because of it. And as an added benefit, the distinctive method (science) also provides the hidden advantage of making these pairs more likely to endure over time. –

When you market to a specific type of customer, it’s important that your message is on point.

You want to be clear, direct, and offer a solution to their problem that no one else can provide as effectively as you can.

To do this well, you must understand three things about your customer: who they are, what they want, and what their problem is.

If you can do that, you’ll be able to create a marketing message that resonates and gets results.

Creating a distinct delivery method is one way to make your marketing message stand out from the competition. Talk about how your particular method is unique to your prospects, or turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by giving it a new name. Be clear, direct, and offer a solution that no one else can provide as effectively as you can.

When it comes to marketing, one size does not fit all. You have to tailor your message to your specific audience in order to be effective.

And if you want to really stand out from the competition, you have to find a way to be different. You have to have an individual approach.

One way to do this is by focusing on your unique selling proposition (USP). This is what makes you different from everyone else in your industry. It’s what sets you apart.

If you can identify your USP, you can use it to create a marketing message that will resonate with your target audience.

Here are some examples of USPs:

  • Our product is the only one of its kind.
  • We have the most experience in this industry.
  • We offer the lowest prices.

Side Note: It’s worth noting that in several countries, eHarmony has dropped those assertions as false advertising.

It’s now your turn to put your thoughts into action. Consider how you might make your particular delivery method. If you have a genuinely distinct item, do it that way. Otherwise, use the #2 or #3 techniques outlined above, whatever suits your business best.

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